Kick Start Your Family Discipleship Journey With Three Foundational Principals:

Family Worship



Going Deeper

Find more resources for you as you continue and an overview of this family discipleship model below

Are You a Church Leader?

We hope that our resources can help you as you shepherd families and we have a special page dedicated to you. Find ideas and resources to help you encourage your congregation in family discipleship on the Church Leaders page.

Never Too Late To Start

If you are just starting out on your Family Discipleship journey and already have kids, please don't despair! Know that you are not alone. I only started to take my faith seriously, understanding my sinfulness and need for Jesus after I had kids. My husband had wanted to lead our family in the ways of the Lord before this but I hadn't supported him, and, I admit with much regret, even at times opposed his leadership.
I don't know where you are at today.
You may already have teenagers, you may have an unsupportive spouse, you may feel like you're already drowning in responsibilities and couldn't add another thing.
There might be many reasons not to make changes, but may this one outweigh them all: God is worthy of all of our worship, and as our lives are centered around family, so worship at home with our families should be integral to our lives.
I pray that as you look at these resources, you would relish the opportunity to take some simple steps to help you delight in God together as a family and that you would trust that he has given the grace you need to start and continue with family discipleship, wherever you are at.

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