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Kid's Books

Relatable, illustrated kid's books covering: 

God's glory, loving God and others, having peace and joy, and beauty for girls. Download your digital copy today by following the link to our Dropbox folder. 

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Family Study Guides

Dive into God's Word together and discover how it relates to your lives today with our 7-Day Family Study Guides with activities and action projects included. Download by following the link to our Dropbox folder. (Don't have Dropbox? Email [email protected] to request your free copy)

Fun Family Songs!

Enjoy the good news together, as it gets stuck in your head through song! Sing with your family about God's glory, loving him, loving others and having peace. 

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"The Greatest Treasure" is such a creative way of portraying the treasure of the Gospel to children. The future of faith rests on the shoulders of those following us, and this book is a great tool in encouraging a love for Jesus from a young age.

 Jocelyn Goto, Chief of Staff at Open Doors Australia

"The Greatest Treasure" is a great way to open conversation with kids about the wonderful treasure of knowing Christ. This is not just a one read story, but a pointer to God's truth that can help the whole family to seek Him more and more.

Hannah Fairclough, Mum and Early Childhood Teacher, WA

"The Greatest Treasure" is a ripper of a story! Adults and kids will love reading and studying this one - Aaarrr! Enjoy! 

Paul Quicke, Lead Pastor of Morley Baptist Church, WA

God commands us and also makes it possible to treasure Him. Jodie's beautiful use of this truth is woven into an interesting, enjoyable story for all ages right out of her Biblical parrot world. 

 Victor Swart, Preacher and Elder, Moora Baptist Church WA

Good News in the Gum Trees is a great local presentation of the gospel for Aussie kids. Its creative use of local birds to address some of the deepest issues of life, is non-threatening and makes discussing these topics more interesting and even enjoyable for kids, parents and grandparents.

David Cameron, Father and Agronomist, Moora WA

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